An Author’s Life

“There’s no earthly way of knowing…
…which direction we are going…”

– Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

An Author World Out There

There are a number of preconceptions about authors. From what the media will lead you to believe, I am a solitary recluse living in an ancient mansion with gnarled trees lining an unkempt driveway; flagstone steps precipitating a dark door upon a dark porch. No doubt a raven will have alighted from the roof as you’ve wandered around the tired garden, frightened that you really did see that curtain twitch. It will soon start to rain from black sails in the sky, as the sunlight slowly vanishes until one isolated shard remains, illuminating your presence: a siren calling an author to its prey.

Maybe you’ll open that door and as you sneak up the long forgotten staircase, dust shaking under foot, I’ll creep up behind you with an axe or the same rusty knife I used to kill my wife all those years ago. Maybe I’ll just invite you in and make you a cup of tea and tell you a tragic tale of how I lost my parents in a horrific car accident, from which I survived but forever carried this scar across my eye.

It is also very possible that I am an author living in South London. There’s a good chance that I am Scottish, too. Instead of a crumbling mansion, I live in a modern flat. As reclusive as you believe me to be, I exist among you. I sit on trains noting your behaviour. I listen intently to your conversations, the inflections in your tone; the way you pause to think before you speak. I enjoy your dress style, and maybe today you’ll match the look of a character I’m writing: tomorrow, maybe not.

Already you have built an image of me in your head. It’s only natural; so very human. It’s what we do best. Judge. Imagine. Hold others to account for the way we see them, growing ever frustrated when they fail to live up to our expectations.

It is my aim to smash those expectations you have of an author. We are not a separate species, alien to the lands of mortal men. We are not one in the same. Each has their own unique voice, and for every voice there is a unique accent. Through this blog, I will enlighten you as to how an author lives and creates in the hope that it will inspire you to listen to your own voice and appreciate what you have to offer to the babbling conversation that is the Writing Industry.

SG Mark

Writing Tips and Author Advice

Stay tuned for weekly blogs and video diaries from SG Mark that will both document her writing process and offer comprehensive writing advice from a personal level.

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